Humans of Wilkinsburg

Students in 11th grade at Wilkinsburg High School spent the year looking at the intersection of race in their community, just a few miles east of Pittsburgh, PA. This examination, supported by their English and Social Studies teachers (Mr. Jason Boll, Mr. Dominic Woods) allowed students to respond to how they viewed themselves, as Black students, in a community that still struggles with racism and hate. The We are Wilkinsburg project was a part of the Teachers Leading Change exhibit  and partially funded by Youth Leading Change. 


Who Defines Wilkinsburg?

On April 21, 2015, Eric Heyl, from Heyl Consultants LLC and a staff writer for the Tribune Review, offered his opinion as to the students that call Wilkinsburg home. In his piece, entitled, "Neighboring districts shy away from Wilkinsburg's forbidden fruit" and followup "Wilkinsburg grad's experience bolsters criticism of district," Heyl showcases many of the stereotypical views held by the region about the students that attend Wilkinsburg schools, especially the high school. Students in the 11th grade decided to define themselves, here are some of their words.

We Define Wilkinsburg! 

In Response to the Baltimore Riots

MK Asante

In late Spring, 2015, students in Mr. Boll's 11th grade class began reading MK Asante's BUCK as a way to connect to MK's biography of his life from the ages of 13 - 18. On May 28th, 2015, MK visited Wilkinsburg for a sit down with the VIP's in Mr. Boll and Mr. Wood's classes who had written their own narratives in response to BUCK and also with a larger group of students from the school.