The Power of Podcasting

Part 1: Master Class

Through a partnership with Youth Leading Change and Duquesne University, Hear Me will facilitate a “Master Class” during the showcase on May 10, 2016.


Hear Me will teach students how to produce audio media through the podcast medium and to develop messaging strategies for specific audiences. The audio media produced will be used in one of Hear Me’s podcasts (May, June or July 2016).


The class will be offered in two 90-minute sessions.  In the first of the sessions, Hear Me will introduce podcasting strategies for expressing one’s voice. Then, we will instruct youth on audio recording conventions, interviewing skills and best practices. Students will work in teams, and select one of the five questions from the conference’s theme in order to plan the podcast. Students will generate 5-10 relevant interview questions and conduct audio interviews with their peers. We will introduce podcast scripting, and in teams, write short scripts using the audio pieces generated in the beginning of the session.


In the second session, students will break into working groups: 1) revise and record their scripts, and 2) learn to edit audio using Audacity. By the end of the session, working groups will combine their work to produce a 2-4 minute story that details their personal experiences with the proposed issue/question.  Students will learn about exporting audio pieces and publishing to a podcast site.


Following the showcase, the student’s stories will be edited and published on, and made available through the site’s open platform for YLC to use in their project documentation.