#Hashtags Are The New #Protest #Signs

"#Hashtags Are the New #Protest #Signs" is a visual commentary on how community action has evolved due to the influence of technology.


Students will be invited to create a avatar that shields their identity and showcases a sign that reads "hashtags are the new protest signs". Students will then be instructed to create their own hashtag through group dialouge around current social justice and relevant community issues.  Teaching Artists will connect these conversations with examples of established and/or organized movements around the topics identified by the students.

The idea is to engage students members who will both help to build the set of online avatars that raise awareness around their selected issues to a new audience. BOOM Concept's session will highlight leadership from POC communities and other communities of marginalized voices that showcases virally advocacy and connecting issues across social movements through physical and digital tactics. By utilizing street art and hip-hop tactics to create digital graffiti, students will help create/claim safe spaces for oppressed voices to build community and connect across key issues. Our ending goals are to create mass amounts of agitational propaganda in both the digital and real world space, increased awareness and advocacy of issues affecting Pittsburgh youth, exchange of storytelling and organizing strategies between communities of activist. 

 #Hashtags are the new Protest Signs is an ongoing public art project created by D.S. Kinsel existing through temporary workshops and digital archiving. The piece is a visual commentary on how community action has evolved and diversified due to the influence of technology.