Kilele is the Kiswahili word for noise. Through our own voices in the form of spoken word and poetry, we will examine the our thoughts and feelings and the voices of others about oppressive systems and the realities from education to politics to policing. We seek to elevate your voices and create space where our voices as young women and men are valued. 



Read at least one of the poems below. Write down notes, words, ideas, images, memories that come to your mind as you read. After you have finished reading find a partner, pair up, find a quiet space and give a dramatic reading of the poem. 





Using your responses from the poetry above begin working on your own poem. You can build off of an idea:

  • Write a response to one of the poets above
  • Identify of topic that matters to you and write
  • Look at the your notes from the poem in task #1  (which have been emailed to you).   


Record your original poem using the H4N or any recording device that you have access to. Once your happy with your recording upload the audio file here: