We Are Wilkinsburg

For the last month Wilkinsburg High School teachers Dominic and Jason have been working  to give their students a voice. The predominate narrative for their school has been "it won't be there next year." Jason invited me into his room to talk with 7 of his students about how they wanted their voice to be heard. I felt privileged to be there - that they had invited me into their space. Jason's room is how I would have imagined my room had I decided to become certified at the high school level. My elementary classroom was full of bulletin boards and colorful things that I thought would inspire ... I spent hours on those bulletin boards and word walls. But looking back, I realize that I wasn't "all in." Sure, I was 22 and just out of college and doing the best that I know how, but education has a different face these days. Education is in survival mode - but that doesn't mean that the students in them have to be treated to education suited to that level. Jason's classroom is a place of survival. Dominic's video shows the power of flipped classrooms. Both show that Wilkinsburg is far from being forgotten - and through their student's voices they are determined to tell that story. 


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