Perry Student voice - perry high School

Perry Student voice - perry high School

Education Uncontained tackles inequality - head on. Oppression and marginalization are products of design - and it is through design youth can be equipped to eradicate inequitable practices in their educational and community spaces. 

It is clear - current educational practices continue to limit opportunities for all students.We aim to create educational opportunities for all learners and to think "outside of the box" when it comes to what is possible in learning spaces.

We take the elements of human-centered design and pair them with radical pedagogy, which allows learners and educators to examine the cultural intersections that have been used as a basis for social justice and equity work. 

Promoting digital literacy as a vehicle for learning, we introduce youth to modern-day technology that can be useful for engaging school and external communities in conversations around systemic injustice. lab

Education Uncontained combines incubation, media, and design to create a powerful experience for learners and their educators. Over the course of a year, school teams will participate in an incubator program that allows them to explore effective solutions that they wish to implement in their schools or communities. Our incubation teams are youth-led, with teachers and school administrators serving as allies to the project.

A major goal of our program is to transform curriculum and student-teacher relationships. Using Common CoreStandards and best practices, we marry activism and engagement with evidence based methods to recreate learning opportunites that reflect the multi-cultural nature of todays schools. 

School teams are eligible for grants to implement their ideas in their school or community environments. Using human-centered design, teams will design a solution that reflect how they are transforming education. 

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