innovating for equity

The equity X innovation lab is the home base for all of our programming - allowing local preservice and graduate students in education and related fields to collaborate with program participants as mentors and fellow innovators in educational spaces. 

The eXi lab is a space for thinking, prototyping, and innovating - featuring unique whiteboard spaces, standing and traditional workspaces, and hands-on access to STEAM hardware, software, and curriculum that lab visitors can try out in a "judgment-free learning zone." 

The purpose of the eXi lab is for people to "get their hands dirty" when it comes to providing equitable access for historically marginalized populations. We don't presume a prerequisite level of knowledge around social justice and equity - we're just there to work with you to change your practice. 

For 2018 - the eXi lab is tackling a Equitable Access 101 series of online trainings and accompanying microcredentials through Credly