If you had $50,000...how would you change your school? 


Education Uncontained is looking for youth who want an #EducationWithoutLimits....

Exclusively for high school students, Education Uncontained is focused on young adults who are ready to examine the current practices in their schools or communities and ignite change.  

We are seeking high school students who want to create change in their school environments.

design thinking + radical pedagogy + deeper learning = Education Uncontained

Our current education system is a product of design.

Using design thinking and deeper learning, we want to put tools and resources into your hands to redesign your learning spaces...solving for inequities that can limit your educational experience. 

In order to transform schools, we need to become radical in our approach. Education Uncontained will examine local and national systems of oppression in order to bring learning experiences that are liberating and responsive to today's youth. Students and teachers are the backbone of our education system, and working together, we can design for an educational space that is responsive to the future of learning.


Be a part of an exciting cohort of young people who want to work to create an education without limits. Over the course of the year we'll work together to examine the system and redesign it, starting with a single idea...yours! 

Tapping into your power, your team will ask the hard questions and examine how they can create change. Then, you'll get the chance to bring that change to your school...your way. 

“The youth are not failing the system, the system is failing our youth. Ironically, the very youth who are being treated the worst are going to be the very youth who lead us out of this nightmare.”   

- Rachel Jackson