We are seeking digital media, spoken word, music, visual art, poetry, and photography submissions. We are also looking for youth ambassadors who have the gift of public speaking about issues they are passionate about and would love to share their thoughts during a panel that evening.  

Students can submit work in four areas:

 (1)   Opening showcase

(2)   Exhibit

(3)   Digital Magazine only

(4)   Ambassador (Youth Leader for the Day) - Participating Schools Only


Note: Teachers, if you are submitting on behalf of all of your students, please send an email to youthleadingchangepgh@gmail.com. The link that youth will have access to submit information via Google Forms is: http://goo.gl/forms/Zz9IHwcrsC.


Area Descriptions:


Opening Showcase. We are looking for 5 – 7 artists to perform their work at the community program. You will have 3 – 5 minutes to perform your piece in front of the crowd. You must be available to get to Duquesne University by 4:30pm on May 10th, 2016 and have a ride home by 8pm. Bus passes or parking vouchers will be provided. You must also be available for a run-through at your school the week prior to the event. In your submission, please describe your performance and what you will need to make your performance successful.  


School Exhibit. Showcase your school’s commitment to youth voice and be a part of a team! Working with other students from your school, you can join together and present a collection of work that ties into a theme. You will choose that theme along with your school’s principal and a teacher. Although not required, we encourage you to attend the evening event on May 10, 2016 and you must arrive at the Grayson center by 4:30pm.


Digital Magazine. We will be launching the inaugural issue of YLC which highlights all type of creative content that highlights the creative work of any students from 6th – 12th grade. All forms of creative content are available for submission – especially digital content. For digital content, you must be able to submit a copy the work that can be downloaded (instead of a link to existing streaming content). All content is due by April 22, 2016.


Ambassadors.  We are looking for at least two representatives from each school to serve as youth ambassadors during the day and evening events. Because this summit is youth-led, we are looking for individuals that can organize the day and evening session with YLC staff from Duquesne University. You will be responsible for running the youth-only summit during the day and emceeing the evening event. If you love to talk and connect with people, please consider becoming an ambassador.